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Student Orientation & Induction Prorgam-2022 (Day-5, Session 2)

Day V: Saturday, 19 November 2022 (Session II)

Topic: Role of Education in the 21st Century

Speaker: Mr. Anup Agrawal, Chief Business Officer, Akash BYJUs Growth Strategy

Time: 10.15am-11.15am

Mode: Online


Mr. Anup Agarwal delivered a session on ” Role of Education in the 21st Century”. He addressed the students and stated the importance of education in the 21st century.

He said:

The goal of modern education is to focus on ensuring that engineers and professionals would be Problem solvers, decision makers and energetic.

The problem solving is a very important life skill and students need to leave school with life skills that help them navigate challenges even if they don’t know the solutions to them.  Most importantly, they need to be comfortable to work with the people around them who have a different background and the experiences.

The teaching methods have upskilled a lot since decades; technology has been a boon to students to explore and grab opportunities.

The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Automation Robotics, Virtual Reality, digital marketing, and so forth have revolutionized the education sector.

The use of technology has ignited the impact on interdisciplinary learning and research-based innovation.

We cannot replace human intervention in the classroom. An interaction in the classroom is full of emotions, leadership and team skills, peer learning classroom management and questioning.

Modern teaching methodology is focused on analytical skills.  The process involves facing challenges in a controlled real time environment, bridging the gap between learning and doing, laying the foundation to prioritize education practises that create an environment that facilitates lifelong learning and engaging students’ natural curiosity and boosting development drastically.

The education system is rapidly changing and new ideas are being implemented. The use of simulations leads to leaning being available beyond the brick-and-mortar classroom. This exponentially increases student engagement and ensures higher retention.

The flipped classroom concept opens up the vista for new career options that are inherently important for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Flipped classroom is the new norm. Study beyond the textbook.

Skill-based education is the need of the future.

Education is not just teaching the prescribed syllabus but opening the mind to multiple possibilities.

Imbibing life skills and preparation for being entrepreneurial in every walk of life.

Peer learning i.e. One student tutoring another in a supervised environment can result in better learning and retention.

This was a wonderful session. Students enjoyed it a lot.

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