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Student Orientation & Induction Prorgam-2022 (Day-5, Session 3)

Day V: Saturday, 19 November 2022 (Session III)

Topic: Future & Opportunities for Entrepreneurship Development for Engineer

Speaker: Mr. Vikram Ghodke, CEO, Shirodkar Preci. Comp. Pvt. Ltd.

Time: 11.30am-12.30pm

Mode: Online


Mr. Vikram Ghodke started his session discussing the economic growth of the country.

He said:

The biggest power we have is creativity and the hunger to become a successful person will eventually make ourselves successful.

Students have the potential to achieve enormous success in life. If they even get less than 70%, it does not mean that they cannot become a good/successful business personnel.

Do not give up and believe in yourself.

In earlier days, people had to search libraries, newspapers, etc. for gaining knowledge but nowadays smartphones are used to resolve a query within fraction of seconds saving both time and energy.

Time has gone when people used to spoon-feed, now it is your time to take effort for yourself.

Education being a fantastic tool and it is the power of consistency which the education teaches us. Start admiring a good person so that we will eventually become a good person and start following good thoughts and habits of the person.

Look around you, admire the builds made by engineers. Everything around us is made by engineers.

Make good observations that will affect you positively.

The brain is a machine of emotions and our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our life.

Put your desires on paper and it will turn into reality using education.

He also described the importance of consistency, power of desire and awareness. More we go ahead more happiness we get in our life

he quoted

Nothing happens overnight, give ourselves time, brain time, mind time, stay on track, don’t get distracted.

The people you admire, share time with them, know them more’

He also asked students to search a few questions on google:

  • What are the qualities of successful and unsuccessful person?
  • What are the qualities of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurship?
  • What are the common mistakes done by students?
  • How can we pursue our educational success?

He ended his session by saying “Never dream small, dream big and achieve those dreams by working hard and making it a reality”

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