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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 1 – Session 1)

Day I – Session I [ 8th August 2023 / 11:00am – 1:00pm]

Topic – Engineer’s Readiness – Career in Cyber Security Domain

Speaker – Mr. Kalpesh Beldar

Student Orientation and Induction Program flagged off with a session by Mr. Kalpesh Beldar, a distinguished figure serving at the National Security Agency, Govt. of India.

Dr. S. B. Somani, Principal, extended a warm welcome to Mr. Beldar, honoring him with a memento and shawl. The session started with Mr. Beldar’s comprehensive introduction, outlining his specialization in the field of Cyber Security.

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to an in-depth exploration of various Cyber Frauds, which captivated the audience’s attention. He expertly navigated through complex topics, including voice phishing, honey traps, cyber banking, music attacks, identity e-card fraud, hacking, and image morphing. His adept use of real-life cases provided concrete context, enabling attendees to grasp the gravity of these cyber threats.

Privacy and security emerged as paramount concerns in his discourse. He elucidated practical strategies to shield critical assets such as bank accounts, Aadhaar cards, and PAN cards, resonating with the audience’s immediate concerns. By sharing tangible suggestions for enhancing privacy protection, he empowered the audience with actionable insights.

A highlight of the lecture was his insightful analysis of evolving trends in Cyber Crime. Drawing upon recent and historical cases, he illuminated the trajectory of cyber threats, enabling students to comprehend the constantly shifting landscape of cybersecurity challenges. His narratives were enriched by personal experiences and anecdotes, creating a captivating and informative narrative.

Addressing the students’ queries, he shed light on topics such as the Bull OS used for hacking, the safety of online transactions and chats, and the growing opportunities in cybersecurity in India. The discussion also covered the potential impact of AI on job opportunities and cybersecurity’s role in mitigating such risks. He recounted his career trajectory and the skills he honed to succeed in the field, encouraging students to build strong communication skills, attention to detail, and a solid resume. He recommended preparing for interviews early and understanding the concepts rather than rote learning.

The session reached its pinnacle with a fascinating exploration of his personal journey, showcasing a project he spearheaded in 2012—a network speed-boosting app that yielded a remarkable 40% enhancement. His global achievements were underscored by his triumph in an international hacking competition held in Austin, where he secured the first position in India and the second position worldwide.

In conclusion, his informative session illuminated the multifaceted realm of cyber security, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the field’s challenges, opportunities, and the strategies required for a successful career in this dynamic domain.

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