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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 1 – Session 2)

Day I – Session II [ 8th August 2023 / 1:30pm – 2:30pm]

Topic: Importance of Behavioural Skills

Speaker – Mr. Sumit Dey

The SSGMCE auditorium buzzed with energy as Mr. Sumit Dey, a well-regarded professional, took the stage for an enlightening session. Prof. Sachin Bhagat extended a heartfelt welcome, honoring him with a memento and shawl as a gesture of esteem. The session began uniquely, with Mr. Dey involving students in an interactive discussion, setting an engaging tone for the rest of the session.

He transitioned smoothly into his presentation, introducing himself and sharing his journey in the professional world. He talked about his own enthusiasm for his work, which immediately connected with the audience.

The initial focus of the discussion centered on the widespread issue of employability challenges across the nation. The dialogue identified two primary factors contributing to this concern. Firstly, there’s a noticeable decline in the quality of education within colleges, which hampers students’ readiness for the professional world. Secondly, the absence of effective communication skills and proficient body language has emerged as a significant obstacle, often rendering graduates ill-equipped to meet job market demands.

Offering a practical solution, he urged students to approach English not as a subject, but as a language. He emphasized that this mindset shift could ease communication fears and boost confidence. He went on to explain how our nervous system influences our body language, posture, and reactions, underlining its role in effective communication.

He shared a valuable insight about aptitude tests: they are designed to shortlist candidates, not necessarily measure true ability. He stressed the importance of dressing professionally and cultivating a formal demeanor. Throughout his talk, he emphasized the importance of developing personality and attitude, underpinned by effective communication and body language.

Transitioning seamlessly, Mr. Dey then spoke about aptitude and technical skill development. He shattered the misconception that one’s field of study is the sole determinant of success. Instead, he emphasized that skills are what truly matter. He touched upon aspects like mass recruitment strategies, product-based management, certifications, domain expertise, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that employers value.

He wrapped up the session by sharing tips for skill enhancement. He introduced engaging challenges like puzzles and brain teasers to improve aptitude skills and cognitive abilities.

In conclusion, his session struck a chord with students, leaving a lasting impact. His approachable style, practical insights, and emphasis on holistic skill development provided a roadmap for students to navigate the complexities of employability. His talk, focusing on communication, aptitude, and technical skills, encouraged students to refine their personalities, attitudes, and readiness for a successful future.

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