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Student Orientation & Induction Prorgam-2022 (Day-7, Session 2)

Day VII: Tuesday, 22 November 2022 (Session II)

Topic: How to Overcome Challenges of the Students through Effective Mentorship?

Speaker: Dr. Pradeep Awachar, An Activist & Senior Counsellor/Mentor

Time: 12.15pm-2.30pm

Mode: Offline

Dr. Pradeep Awachar interacted with students on “How to Overcome Challenges of the Students through Effective Mentorship?”

During his session, he engaged a few activities to highlight the importance of being a good listener, team-work, coordination, management, learning from each other and so on.

He also advised to be empathetic rather than sympathetic. “Always win is not a point, but giving our best is”, he said.

He suggested students to follow the following:

  • Always learn new.
  • Be a good learner.
  • Be supportive towards each other.
  • Be the best, do the best and you all will be the best.

Students enjoyed his session a lot.

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