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Miss Shreya Kharche Clinches Gold Medal for Academic Excellence in Information Technology

In a proud moment for both her alma mater and the field of Information   Technology, Shreya Kharche, a distinguished student of SSGMCE’s Department of Information Technology, has secured the prestigious Freedom Fighter Jawaharlal Darda Gold Medal for her outstanding academic achievements. Shreya’s remarkable feat was achieved through her exemplary performance, culminating in securing the first position in the engineering examination with the highest marks in the I. T. Engineering Stream.

Shreya Kharche’s achievement stands as a testament to her dedication, diligence, and exceptional academic prowess. Her attainment of the Freedom Fighter Jawaharlal Darda Gold Medal not only reflects her individual excellence but also highlights the high academic standards upheld by SSGMCE. As Shreya embarks on her professional journey, her success serves as an inspiration to her peers and aspiring technologists, showcasing the rewards of hard work and commitment in the pursuit of academic excellence. The entire SSGMCE community extends heartfelt congratulations to Shreya Kharche on this remarkable accomplishment and wishes her continued success in all her future endeavours.

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