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SSGMCE’s Magazine “Tattwadarshi” wins Second Prize

Shegaon: SSGMCE’s Annual Magazine “TATTWADARSHI” receives the Second Prize in the Magazine Competition of SGBAU, Amravati (Professional Stream_2020-21). This has been a moment of pride for the SSGMCE family.

The college magazine reflects the identity of the educational institutions and is an integral part of the education system. It is a channel through which the literary genius of students is explored.  Students have a lot of potential in them which needs a proper outlet. The college magazine provides them with that outlet to showcase their talent as writers and express themselves in a conglomeration.

SSGMCE’s Tattwadarshi is published annually and has many sections that cover the articles, poems, drawing, sketching, college achievements and reports of the various departments and central activities.

Special thanks to Shreyash Pole (Chief Editor), Natasha Bahel (Associate Chief Editor) and the entire magazine team.

Hearty Congratulations!!!

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