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Student Orientation & Induction Prorgam-2022 (Day-11, Session 1)

Day XI: Saturday, 26 November 2022 (Session I)
Topic: “Discovery of Inner World Through Himalayan Meditation”
Speaker: Shri. Ashish Kalawar, Ex Pramukh Aacharya
Time: 9.00am-10.00am
Mode: Offline
Shri. Ashish Kalawar talked about the 8 steps of “Ashtanga Yoga” and asked everyone whether they do yoga or not. He started by explaining an example which results in “If you are consistently positive, you can achieve your goals”. Meditation is living in a “Present Moment”.
He suggested doing “Sky Gazing” before studying for the removal of disturbing thoughts, having to do one thing at a time. He engaged few activities on the statement “Your mind is a magnet”. He lastly took meditation for 5 min and the session ended with questions & answers.
Students did meditation as suggested by him and experienced the impact of meditation. It was a wonderful session on Yoga and Meditation.

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