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Student Orientation & Induction Prorgam-2022 (Day-3, Session 1)

Day III: Tuesday, 17 November 2022 (Session I)

Topic: Growing Expectation of Industries from Budding Engineers

Speaker: Mr. Gopesh Pandey, DGM-HR, TCG Group of Components, Garden Silk Mills, Surat

Time: 11.00am-12.00noon

Mode: Online


Mr. Gopesh Pandey delivered a session on “Growing Expectations of Industries From Budding Engineers.” He first explained the students the objectives of the induction program because he believed that freshers should prepare for their future through MBO (Management by objective technique). He gave the students a solution to bridge the gap between developed institutes vs desired industries that is to gain knowledge and develop a skill set. He said being aware is very important as information is an asset, having information at the right time and working on it towards the right direction will align you towards your goal. After this encouraging thought, he moved on and explained the campus recruitment process which includes:

  1. Resume shortlisting
  2. Aptitude test
  3. Technical written test
  4. Group discussion
  5. Interview

He assured the students that if they do their best in these five points, they will receive a good placement offer. He said that in the absence of a person, his/her resume tells a lot about him/her. Therefore, he advised students to prepare a resume in such a way that it has the main keywords company wants. He stated a fact that nowadays resumes are not manually searched and instead they are shortlisted using AI based software, thus having the keywords in your resumes is important.

He informed the students that engineering vs working of engineer in industries are quite two different things. The industries want the engineers to apply theoretical knowledge and design, develop and produce the products.

He focused on twelve expectations of industries from budding engineers:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Knowledge beyond textbooks
  3. Ability to lead
  4. Attitude and positive approach
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Updated with the latest technology/fitment
  7. Management skills
  8. Ability to multi task
  9. Versatile and energetic
  10. Ambitious
  11. Result orientated (Quality vs Quantity)
  12. ROI (Return on investment) driven

It was an interactive session which students enjoyed a lot. It was a roadmap for budding engineers. Students gained new insights in this session.

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