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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 9 – Session 1)

Day 9 Session I [19th August, 2023 / 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM]

Topic – Aptitude – An Entry Level Test for Recruitment

Speaker – Mr. Ajay Butwani


Mr. Ajay Butwani, an Aptitude trainer at SSGMCE, Shegaon, was welcomed warmly by Mr. Toshal Narkhede, Student Coordinator,  honouring him with memento and shawl as tokens of respect. The session opened with his concise self-introduction, which invited the students to embark on a journey from his roots in computer engineering to his current mastery of aptitude.

He shared the experiences of his professional life at SSGMCE and his subsequent role as the Training and Placement Officer at Saraswati College, Shegaon. Further, he offered illuminating insights into the multidimensional recruitment processes employed by modern companies. This comprehensive view encompassed the demanding rounds of aptitude assessments, group discussions, technical evaluations, and personal interviews.

Beyond the confines of academia and job placements, he shed light on the broader significance of aptitude, highlighting its crucial role in a range of competitive examinations, including SSC-CGL, IBPS, RRB, and GATE. His instructive approach surpassed theory as he skilfully demonstrated practical techniques, unveiling the secrets of calculating cube roots within the domain of quantitative aptitude.

An engaging highlight of the session unfolded when he introduced an interactive segment, providing students with a first-hand glimpse of an aptitude test. This direct engagement echoed deeply with the audience. Furthermore, he expanded the horizons of his session by delving into the intriguing history of calendars, unveiling their evolution and importance in human civilization. As the session drew to a close, he facilitated a dynamic interaction with the students, creating a platform for questions, reflections, and the exchange of valuable insights.

In summary, this session was not merely an educational experience but a transformative one for the students. His personal journey, illuminating insights, and hands-on demonstrations collectively underscored the vital significance of aptitude, enriching the students’ understanding of its applications across academic and professional landscapes.

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