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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 9 – Session 2)

Day 9 Session II [19th August, 2023 / 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM]

Topic – Industry 4.0 – Expectations

Speaker – Mr. Aniruddha Kulkarni


Mr. Aniuddha Kulkarni, Consultant, Auditor and Trainer at Electrical and Electrical Safety, Mumbai, was cordially welcomed by Prof. Adesh Solankhe, T&P Officer, SSGMCE, who honoured him with memento and shawl as tokens of respect. The session commenced with his engaging approach of involving the students right from the start.

He initiated a discussion by inquiring about the students’ understanding of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), encouraging active participation and setting the tone for an interactive and informative session. .

He asserted that Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the imperative need of the present era and emphasized the transformative potential of smart sensors. He precisely addressed the significance of each industrial revolution and stressed the importance of adapting to changing times. He advised engineers to create compelling portfolios to stand out in a competitive landscape and advocated for the crafting of personalized Statements of Purpose (SOPs).

Throughout the session, he discussed the vital factors motivating industrial revolutions and revealed the distinction between digitization and digitalization. Digitization, he explained, involves converting various forms of data into digital formats for computer processing, whereas digitalization includes the use of digital technologies to reshape business models.

He forecasted that the future economy would be built on scientific advancements, with optimization of industrial processes at its core. This optimization, he noted, would involve technologies such as IIOT, cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

In a resounding message, he urged engineers to continuously add value through innovation, emphasizing the importance of avoiding satisfaction. He concluded the session by introducing the concept of a “digital twin,” a digital representation of a physical object or process contextualized in a digital environment.

Towards the end of his enlightening session, he shared diverse job opportunities within the industry, stressed the global nature of competition, and recommended reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, underscoring the importance of both career prospects and financial literacy for students’ holistic development.

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