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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 8 – Session 1)

Day 8 Session I [18th August, 2023 / 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM]

Topic – Life of an Engineer

Speaker – Dr. Suhas Deshmukh


Dr. Suhas Deshmukh, Director of the National Council for Vocational Education and Training, New Delhi was welcomed virtually to give an enlightening session. The session commenced with a focus on Engineering fundamentals, emphasizing the pivotal role of positive attitude in achieving success—a quality not only desired but expected from every engineer.

He then explored into a brief guide on navigating the four-year journey of UG Engineering. The guidance emphasizes setting clear goals, mastering time management, staying engaged in classes, prioritizing well-being, balancing academics and extra-curricular, nurturing curiosity, and embracing flexibility.

Shifting the discourse towards Mathematics, the speaker explored a spectrum of concepts. Beginning with an encouraging journey through the history of counting number systems, the session highlighted the profound impact of the invention of zero on the evolution of numerical systems.

Experimental learning emerged as a foundation of the session, with the speaker underscoring its value through practical analysis. The symbiotic relationship between the subjects and concepts adapted during one’s academic journey and their application in the professional domain was expressively expounded, revealing the range of learning from academia to practice.

The talk ended by discussing the importance of special numbers in math. People learned how numbers like π and e are used in engineering, and they discovered the secrets of the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series. The speaker explained how these numbers connect to nature, art, and buildings in a fascinating way.

The session was enlightening and covered engineering fundamentals, attitude, and a practical guide for a four-year engineering journey. It provided valuable insights from theory to real-world application and set a motivating tone for the educational journey ahead.

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