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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 11 – Session 3)

Day 11: Session III : 22nd August 2023 [01.30pm – 02.30pm]

Topic – How to prepare for civil services?

Speaker – Mr. Pavan Patil


The session commenced with a gracious welcome extended by Dr. S. B. Somani, Principal SSGMCE, to the esteemed guest, Mr. Pavan Patil, Additional Tahsildar, Murtijapur with a memento and shawl.

He began with a brief overview of his background and shared his personal experiences during the college years. He initiated the session by introducing the attendees to the realm of civil services, encompassing both UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) examinations.

He proceeded to illuminate the various aspects of government services, detailing the posts available within this domain. He explored into the examination pattern, encompassing both preliminary and mains stages. The significance of civil services for engineers was highlighted, emphasizing the benefits that engineers could gain from pursuing these avenues. The exams involve sections like Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Studies.

The Key pointers for effective preparation were shared, encompassing consistency, a firm grasp of basic knowledge (such as history and geography), unwavering concentration, and the crucial quality of patience. The qualification criteria for the exams were elaborated upon, and the significance of UPSC’s General Studies papers (GS 1, 2, 3, and 4) was explained, particularly their relevance for technical background students. The roadmap to results was outlined, spotlighting the success ratio within the competitive field and underscoring the importance of patience throughout the preparation journey.

He referred to valuable resources for aspirants, including the “ASPIRANT” series and insights from notable figures like “SANDEEP BHAIYA.” Emphasizing the role of newspapers in preparation, he offered guidance on using newspapers to enhance knowledge. He introduced the classes available for MPSC and UPSC preparations, and the emphasis remained committed on qualities like patience and continuity.

In conclusion, the session composed by Mr. Pavan Patil provided a comprehensive view of civil services, exam strategies, and the qualities that contribute to success in these competitive endeavours. The attendees departed with newfound insights and a deeper appreciation for the workings of government service examinations.

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