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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 6 – Session 2)

Day 6: Session 2 – 14th August 2023 [12:15 PM- 1:15 PM]

Topic – “Values in education”

Speaker: Mr. E. V. Gireesh

Mr. E. V. Gireesha’s orientation session seems to have left a significant impact on the students, emphasizing the importance of education, values, and personal development. The talk highlighted several key points:

1. Education as a Key to Success: Mr. Gireesh emphasized that education is a crucial factor for achieving success in life. He highlighted how education opens doors to opportunities, enhances critical thinking, and contributes to personal growth.

2. Development of Minds and Citizenship: Education was presented as a means to develop individuals’ minds and make them better citizens. It fosters not only academic knowledge but also critical thinking, problem-solving, and a broader perspective on societal issues.

3. Examples of Student Success: By sharing real-life examples of his students, Mr. Gireesh illustrated how education has positively impacted their lives. These examples likely inspired the students by showing them that education can lead to tangible achievements and personal growth.

4. Discipline and Punctuality: Mr. Gireesh stressed the significance of being disciplined and punctual in both professional and personal aspects of life. These qualities were linked to success and respect for oneself and others.

5. Moral Values: The session also covered the importance of moral values in shaping one’s character and making ethical decisions. These values, such as kindness, gratitude, and self-confidence, were presented as essential components of a fulfilling life.

6. Self-Confidence and Gratitude: Mr. Gireesh highlighted the importance of self-confidence as it empowers individuals to believe in themselves, take risks, and step out of their comfort zones. Gratitude was discussed as a way to focus on the positives in life and maintain an optimistic outlook.

7. Facing Challenges: The session ended on a motivating note, encouraging students to face challenges with a positive attitude and a smile.

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