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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 10 – Session 2)

Day 10: Session II – 21st August, 2023 [01:30 PM – 02:30 PM]

Topic – Investment Plans for Students

Speaker: Mr. Ravi Tiwari


Mr. Ravi Tiwari, NJ Wealth Express Manager, Akola, was welcomed by Mr. Atharva Kute, presenting him with memento and shawl as tokens of respect. The event commenced with a comprehensive discussion on the details of Mutual Funds. Digging into the domain of investment, he elaborated on its components and the significance of setting aside a portion of savings for this purpose. With a keen emphasis on financial awareness, he explained on the concept of inflation and its direct impact on monthly expenditures, a concept crucial for prudent financial planning.

He then expounded on the miracle of compounding, often called the “eighth wonder of the world,” explaining its remarkable effects on wealth accumulation. Addressing the technical aspect, he introduced the concept of unit holders within mutual funds, offering a deeper understanding of the structure. Furthermore, he highlighted the manifold advantages of mutual funds, emphasizing the rationale behind equity investments.

In a moving turn, he underscored the significance of emotional intelligence over mere intellectual ability. The session navigated through the exciting domain of Market Capitalization, lending insight into its dynamics and implications. The categories of mutual funds, particulars of equity funds, and the influential potential of compounding were all seamlessly woven into the informative fabric of his presentation.

His talk extended to the innovative concept of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), offering a systematic approach to investment that resonated well with the audience. His expert communication style and a profound grasp of financial concepts enabled students to grasp the distinctions of investment with remarkable clarity. The session undoubtedly left participants enriched with a deeper comprehension of financial planning, investment strategies, and the instrumental role of mutual funds in wealth creation.

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