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SSGMCE Students Clinch Second Prize at Aavishkar-2023 (SGBAU, Amravati)

Shegaon: In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, students from SSGMCE, Shegaon emerged victorious at the prestigious Aavishkar-2023 competition, securing the second prize. The event, held at SGBAU, Amravati, brought together brilliant minds from various engineering institutions, but it was SSGMCE that stole the spotlight with their outstanding project.
The winning project (Category-Medicine & Pharmacy) stood out for its creativity, technical prowess, and real-world applicability. The team, comprised of Ms. Arya Chandrawanshi and Ms. Sarla Paraskar, demonstrated their expertise in the project, impressing the judges and earning the top honours. These students will represent SGABAU, Amravati in State Level Aavishkar to be held at Nashik in January 2024.
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