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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 12 – Session 2)

Day 12: Session II – 23rd August 2023 [12:15pm – 01:15pm]

Topic: SGIARC Facilities and R&D Activities at SSGMCE

Speaker: Dr. S. B. Patil, Dr. S. S. Jadhao


Dr. S. B. Patil discussed vision, mission, recognition and collaboration of Shri Gajanan Invention and Advanced Research Centre (SGIARC). He also talked about VLSI and embedded system design lab, Solar Research Centre (SRC), Electric Power Research Lab, SAP-ERP Laboratory, Data Centre, Sant Gajanan Tool Room (SGTR), and Fab Lab. He also discussed meaning of Business Incubators, Incubation Process, Startup and also foreign visitors. He concluded by saying “ Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah ”(May all be Happy) .

Dr. Saurabh Jadhao started the session by asking a question, “What comes in your mind about research? He said that,” You just need to understand problem and find its solution”. He explained the purpose and objectives of Research. Most important thing in research is direction.

He said that there are 17 sustainable development goals decided by United Nation and We have considered 5 goals that are: Food, Health, Agri, Education, Energy.

He also talked about thrust area of Engineering like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Technology, Renewable Energy, Smart Technology, Branch Specification. He informed all about Faculty Clusters, Student Research Coordinator, Lab Assistant, Alumni, Industry experts and incentive mark schemes for research activities. He concluded by saying about upcoming 20 project ideas for the students by SGIARC-TBI and ended with question & answer.

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