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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 4 – Session 3)

Day 4- Session III [ 11th August 2023 / 1:30pm – 2:30pm]
Topic : Industry Readiness 4.0-Future Prospects
Speaker – Mr. Ashish Lapalikar

Mr. Ashish Lapalikar, Deputy Consultancy Head at TCS Nagpur, graced the session as the guest speaker. The event commenced with a warm welcome by Dr. A. S. Tale, the Head of the Applied Sciences and Humanities Department, by honouring him with a memento and a shawl as a token of respect.
He explored into the exciting concept of Industry 4.0, where he underscored the significance of engineers discovering into the basics of machines. He emphasized the fascinating capability of modern machines to not only perceive but also take actions based on that perception. This highlighted the remarkable evolution engineers have organized in the world of automation and technology.
A captivating analogy likening engineers to rockstars was knit into the narrative, painting them as the driving force behind technological marvels. His visionary outlook predicted a future in which robots themselves would serve as educators, imparting the art of robotics—a testament to the peak of engineering expertise.
A significant portion of the lecture was dedicated to tracing the societal journey from version 1.0 to 5.0. This progression unveiled the increasing interaction between technology and society, culminating in a phase where machines efficiently provide to diverse needs, significantly diminishing the demand for human intervention. Passionately, he urged budding engineers to embrace the evolving landscape, drawing a parallel between knowledge and a valuable commodity.
The lecture didn’t merely dwell on theoretical aspects but delved into practical dimensions. Quantum computing’s potential and the vital components of Industry 4.0, such as cybersecurity and big data analytics, were meticulously discussed. His engagement with the audience was heightened through the exploration of ChatGPT’s features and a keen emphasis on computational thinking—an intellectual framework essential for systematic problem-solving.
In sum, his lecture left a permanent mark on the audience, unveiling the profound interrelation between engineers and the swiftly advancing realm of technology. The talk not only provided insights but also ignited a deeper appreciation for the involved textile of innovation and engineering.

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