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Student Orientation and Induction Program (Day 5 – Session 2)

Day 5- Session II [12th August 2023 / 11:00am – 12:30pm]

Topic – “Universal Human values”

Speaker – Dr. Surendra Gole


Dr. Surendra Gole, Free Lancer Corporate HR Trainer from Nagpur, graced the session as the guest speaker. The event commenced with a warm welcome by Dr. J.M. Patil, the Head of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, by honouring him with a memento and a shawl as a token of respect. With the audience’s attention captured, Dr. Gole initiated the session by inquiring about their feelings, creating an immediate sense of engagement.

The heart of the session cantered around the theme of Universal Human Values. He embarked on this topic by providing a comprehensive introduction. Through a vivid example, he cleverly demonstrated the nuanced nature of values in varying contexts. Specifically, he drew a comparison between the regulations regarding liquor consumption on railways and roadways, clarifying the complex interaction of values in different scenarios. This approach effectively conveyed the idea that values can exhibit distinct variations on personal and societal levels, hinging on attributes like content and intensity.

Sightseeing deeper, He highlighted the role of culture and tradition in shaping an individual’s value system. He adeptly navigated the distinction between confidence and arrogance, shedding light on their significance. Subsequently, he evident a set of parameters that determine the makeup of one’s values. These included physical well-being, mental equilibrium, wealth, creativity, patriotism, professionalism, and adaptability. To illustrate the concept, he employed the example of waking up early in the morning, unveiling how the time of day can carry profound spiritual significance.

The discourse then expanded its scope to encompass various facets of life, encompassing career choices and life’s purpose. In an engaging and interactive moment, he led the students in reciting a Sanskrit verse, subsequently explored its meaning in-depth.


“घृष्टं घृष्टं पुनरपि घृष्टं चंदनं चारु गंध । छिन्नं छिन्नं पुनरपि छिन्नं स्वादु चैवेक्षु कांडं | दग्धं दग्धं पुनरपि दग्धं कांचन कांतवर्णं । प्राणांतेऽपि प्रकृति विकृतिर्जायते नोत्तमानाम् ||”

Meaning: “The more it is brushed, the more the sandalwood spreads fragrance. The more it is peeled, the more the sugarcane tastes sweet. The more it is burnt, the more the gold shines. The divine qualities of the noble are not lost even if they are tortured to death!”

Also, he discussed Dharma using Mahabharata characters like Krishna, Duryodhana, and Arjuna. Krishna exemplified righteous duty, Duryodhana embodied selfish desires, and Arjuna’s struggle highlighted the complexity of upholding Dharma amidst emotions. This showcased the link between values, choices, and outcomes, providing insights into ethical decisions.

Conclusively, his talk, rich with real-life examples and thought-provoking insights, left a lasting impression on the audience. His adept presentation of the shared Sanskrit verse further deepened the impact of his message. The session succeeded in prompting introspection among the students, encouraging them to contemplate the values they hold dear and the profound role these values play in shaping their personal and academic journey.

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