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Achievement of Alumnus, SSGMCE, Shegaon

Mr. Pramod Ambadkar, a prestigious alumnus of SSGMCE, Shegaon (Electrical Engineering, Pass out Batch – 2003) made significant contributions in various artistic fields such as poetry, lyrics composition, and acting. His diverse portfolio in both Marathi and Hindi entertainment industries showcases his talent and versatility.
His anthology of poetry, “माया गावचं पानी लय पावरबाज हाय!”, indicates his creative prowess as a poet. Moreover, his involvement in composing lyrics for Marathi movies like “रांगडा” and for serials such as “सत्यवान सावित्री” and “घेतला वसा टाकू नको” demonstrates his impact on the musical aspects of these productions.
His foray into acting with appearances in Marathi serials like “सुंदरा मनामध्ये भरली”, “योगयोगेश्वर जय शंकर”, and “तुझ्या माझ्या संसाराला आणि काय हवं” reflects his versatility and interest in the performing arts.
Furthermore, his notable poems such as “चाल दोस्ता तुला विदर्भ दाखवतो” and “माणसाची कविता” have garnered popularity among the audience.
His professional role as an Assistant Manager (Maintenance) at Graphite India Ltd., Nashik showcases his proficiency in the engineering domain, balancing his artistic pursuits with a successful career.
SSGMCE, Shegaon, acknowledging his achievements and contributions, extends best wishes to Mr. Pramod Ambadkar for his future endeavours in both the artistic and professional spheres.
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