Students Enthusiastically Celebrate Ganesh Utsav, Fostering Unity and Cultural Vibrancy

Students at SSGMCE, Shegaon came together in a spirit of joy and devotion to celebrate Ganesh Utsav, infusing the campus with color, music, and spirituality during the vibrant festivities.

They added a vibrant and rhythmic twist to their Ganesh Utsav celebrations this year by incorporating the traditional Maharashtrian folk dance form, Lezim. The campus was alive with the sounds of drums and jingling Lezim sticks as students united to honor Lord Ganesha in a unique and spirited manner. Lezim, a traditional dance and musical art form, played a central role in this year’s Ganesh Utsav.

The festivities began with a colorful and lively procession through the college campus. Students, dressed in traditional attire, carried the idol of Lord Ganesha accompanied by a group of Lezim performers. The vibrant display drew the attention of onlookers and created a festive atmosphere.

The heart of the celebration was the Lezim performances that took place. Lezim, characterized by its rhythmic drumming and the jingling of metal cymbals on sticks, added a dynamic and captivating element to the traditional Ganesh Utsav celebrations. Students, both experienced and novice Lezim performers showcased their talent and devotion through spirited dance routines.

The incorporation of Lezim not only added an element of cultural richness to the festivities but also deepened the spiritual connection with Lord Ganesha. The synchronized beats and movements symbolized the unity of the community in celebrating the elephant-headed deity.

The Lezim performances attracted a large audience, including faculty, staff, and local residents. It was heartening to see the community come together to witness and participate in the rhythmic celebrations, further strengthening the bonds of unity and cultural appreciation.

The celebration began with the installation of the Ganesha idol in a solemn ceremony. Students and faculty gather to offer prayers and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Devotional songs and chants fill the air, creating a spiritually charged atmosphere.

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