SSGMCE students recruited by Infocepts, Nagpur

Shegaon: Infocepts, Nagpur hired 12 final year students in the recently conducted drive.

The selected students are:

  1. Payal Rathi (U)
  2. Ritika Deshmukh (U)
  3. Riya Rathod (U)
  4. Sanjivani Gothe (U)
  5. Sayali Khedkar (U)
  6. Tushar Tathod (U)
  7. Vaishnavi Kanherkar (N)
  8. Deepika Verma (EXTC)
  9. Pradnya More (EXTC)
  10. Piyush Bhimalwar (EXTC)
  11. Purva Ambadkar (EXTC)
  12. Rahul Samudrawad (CSE)

The recruitment process is still going on and more students will be placed in various companies in the near future.

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