Pratiksha Gawande secures SGBAU color coat in Football

In a remarkable achievement, Pratiksha Gawande, pursuing M.B.A. first year at SSGMCE, Shegaon, has earned a coveted spot in the prestigious SGBAU (Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University) Women’s Football Team. The university’s selection committee recognized Pratiksha’s exceptional skills and commitment to the sport, cementing her place as a key player in the upcoming inter-university competitions. She has been awarded SGBAU Color Coat in Football.

Pratiksha’s journey to the SGBAU Women’s Football Team is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for the game. Her prowess on the field, coupled with a strong work ethic, caught the attention of the selection panel during the rigorous tryouts, where she demonstrated her technical abilities, strategic thinking, and teamwork.

Pratiksha’s achievement not only highlights her individual accomplishments but also underscores the growing prominence of women’s sports in the region.

As Pratiksha dons the SGBAU jersey, she embraces the responsibility of representing her university on the football field. Her journey is poised to inspire aspiring athletes and underscores the university’s commitment to promoting sportsmanship and excellence among its students.

SSGMCE, Shegaon extends its heartfelt congratulations to Pratiksha Gawande and wishes her continued success.

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